The outermost layer of your skin is covered in a thin film called the acid mantle. This protective barrier guards against contaminants and bacteria while maintaining a healthy pH.

Many products on the market contain harsh exfoliants, perfumes, dyes and chemicals that disrupt the acid mantle – resulting in problematic skin.

My story starts here. In the past, I used products that were deemed good for my complexion, but they only caused me to develop rosacea in my mid-twenties.

I tirelessly researched and experimented with homemade treatments to repair and restore the surface of my face. I began studying the benefits of oils extracted from fruits, seeds and plants – fascinated by their abilities to gently cleanse away excess dirt and oil without stripping the moisture barrier.

The result was Tres Brujas Skincare: A synergetic system that heals and brings balance to your acid mantle using non-comedogenic face serums, oil cleaners and moisturizing toners – formulated from the highest quality ingredients in the world! Transform your skin today with the nourishing power of exceptional oils.

Anna Garibay

CEO and Founder