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INGREDIENTs glossary

Argan Oil

The Argan tree, which grows wild in Northern Africa, produces highly prized kernels used for food as well as a moisturizer for the body and hair. Containing more vitamin E than olive oil, argan is known for its omega 6 fatty-acids and wrinkle-fighting abilities.

Avocado Oil

We get this emerald green nectar from La Tourangelle in Northern California. This food-grade, expeller pressed oil is deeply moisturizing and affectingly absorbed by the skin making it the ideal base of some of our most vital products. It contains a natural age spot reducing ingredient called sterolin, repairs damage and increases collagen. The avocado oil used in Tres Brujas Skincare is non GMO and BPA-free.

Fair Trade Shea Butter

Our unrefined, fair-trade shea butter comes from northern Uganda. Cold-pressed from organic trees, it is the freshest we could find! It features a lovely, light and fruity odor unlike many shea butters on store shelves. With its intense healing properties and likeness to the skin’s own natural oils, shea butter is an essential component to our Healer’s Balm.

Hemp Seed Oil

Packed with 21 different amino acids and dermatitis-fighting polyunsaturated fats, hemp seed oil contains all kinds of minerals and antioxidants. Greatly reduces irritation and dryness.


This ancient extraction has been used by civilization for thousands of years to aid in causes ranging from cosmetic to medicinal. The Egyptians were keen on its healing and anti-aging qualities as well as its pleasant fragrance. In Chinese medicine it is used to get the blood moving and thus prompts circulation.

Rose Hydrosol

A soothing and hydrating toner made from distilled rose water. Great for all skin types.

Silver fir

A detoxifying essential oil with anti-bacterial qualities. Promotes healing and gives pain relief.

Vitamin E MT-50

A natural vitamin E oil high in gamma tocopherol that defends against oxidation.